Yerba mate launch in India

New markets | 21/11/2017

The National Institution of Yerba Mate, together with yerba mate companies, presented Yerba Mate Argentina in two cities of India: its capital New Delhi and in the city of Mumbai (Bombay).

Tips to prepare a delicious traditional mate

Mate tips | 14/11/2017

Prepare mate is a ritual and a ceremony in Argentina. We share secrets to prepare a memorable mate.

First Mate Fair in Argentina

Yerba mate promotion | 08/11/2017

Do you want to have a good mate, or do you prefer a drink or some gastronomy with yerba mate? Maybe you’re interested in a walk through history or know in person the people who make it possible for yerba mate to reach your hands. All this, in one place: MATEAR.

Legend of yerba mate

Nuestra Historia | 20/10/2017

The elders told that on the side of a stream, in the midst of the missionary forest, an Indian of great age had stopped, who, burdened by the weight of the years, could no longer follow his tribe.

Ecuador welcomes Argentine soccers fans with a mate

Yerba mate promotion | 08/10/2017

In the prematch soccer heading to Russia 2018

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