La yeba mate argentina busca mercados en Alemania

New markets | 06/10/2017

Mayor espacio, más empresas yerbateras en Anuga, la feria alimentaria más importante de Europa.

Mate and tango in Serbia

Yerba mate promotion | 20/09/2017

Serbians learn how to dance tango and drink mate in a summer camp

Environmentally Friendly Organic Yerba Mate

New markets | 23/05/2017

For its elaboration, organic yerba mate follows the principles of sustainable agriculture to achieve soil conservation and fertility in the long term and for future generations.

Scientific study highlights the benefits of yerba mate fortified with magnesium

Investigaciones | 09/11/2016

Research funded by the National Institution of Yerba Mate (INYM) certifies that the magnesium incorporated into yerba mate generates beneficial effects for human health.

Drinking mate helps to protect your bones

Investigaciones | 07/09/2016

People who drink mate loose less calcium than those who do not consume it , or , in other words , the traditional hot mate tea with loose yerba mate protects your bones.

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