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24/06/17 Mate tips

Tips to prepare a delicious traditional mate

Prepare mate is a ritual and a ceremony in Argentina. We share secrets to prepare a memorable mate.

Take your time

Prepare and drink mate is a ceremony, and as such deserves to devote time and space. The result, if we start like this, will always be satisfactory.

Choose a yerba mate blend

At present the market offers diversity of brands and blends of yerba mate, from soft flavors to the most intense, with or without medicinal herbs, sweetened or not. There are for all and for all occasions.

Water temperature

Always start with warm water; the ideal is to start priming the mate as the water heats up. If we use a traditional kettle, it is good to gradually increase the temperature and take the first mates until reaching the optimum point (between 75 / 80º). This is to ensure that "do not burn the yerba" and so we can invite a rich mate.

Avoid wetting all the yerba mate

We begin to prime the mates by pouring the water as close as possible to the bulb to avoid wetting all the grass. In this way, "the mate yields more" because every time we pour water into the container, the yerba that is dry will feed, gradually releasing the flavor.

In this step it is important to regulate the amount of water to avoid wetting all the grass. In other words, a moderate amount of water ensures a more profitable matting.

So that it is understood: if we kill mates wetting all the yerba, the mates will be "washed". "Washes" means matt without flavor and that make it necessary to change the grass.

The one who invites, drinks the first mates

The one who prepares the mate, is the one who takes the first mates, which are the bitterest and serve to test the right temperature and taste. In this way we will know (at the third or fourth mate) when the temperature and taste are good, and it will be time to pass it to the guest.

Mix the yerba well

After placing the yerba in the container, cover the mouth of the mate with your hand and shake it vigorously to mix well the components (stick, powder and leaves) and give balance to the flavor.

Avoid moving the bulb

It is recommended to move the bulb as little as possible once the mate starts. The reasons? Because it can be covered and also, by moving the bulb the dry grass that feeds the dunks, gets wet faster and the mate will "yield" less.
Prime continuously

To maintain the flavor and ensure a good mate, there is to be constantly cooked, that is, to give continuity to the round avoiding that the mate cools down.


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