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13/03/20 Mate tips

Coronavirus: do not share the mate, the bombilla and the thermo flask

Today we are going through a very special health situation that requires certain care in the handling of the utensils we use for cooking and eating.
Mate is no exception, and just as we should not share cutlery or glasses, it is very important for us not to share our mate.

Start drinking your own mate, with your own bombilla and thermo flasks. There are many alternative ways to drink it, such as a delicious mate cocido or a mate drink.
You can find these and other variants in Mate Recipes, have fun and innovate with our recipes.

Let's be conscious, responsible and let's take care of each other.

Let's take the necessary precautions to prevent diseases and keep in mind that the correct cleaning of the mate, bombilla and thermo flask is essential to avoid spreading the virus.
We will be sharing more valuable and scientifically supported information soon, so that you can continue consuming our infusion safely.


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