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(ES) ¿ Cómo elegir el mejor mate?

Mate tips | 25/06/2018

(ES) Hay tantos tipos de mates como cebadores: de calabaza, alpaca, cerámica o metal, son sólo algunos de los materiales utilizados. ¿En qué se diferencian unos de otros?

Piporé sublime

New Products | 08/05/2018

(ES) La Cooperativa Productores de Yerba Mate de Santo Pipó, presentó “Piporé Sublime”, para mateadas más duraderas, con hojas de Corte más grueso, menos polvo y menos palo.

Yerba mate launch in India

New markets | 21/11/2017

The National Institution of Yerba Mate, together with yerba mate companies, presented Yerba Mate Argentina in two cities of India: its capital New Delhi and in the city of Mumbai (Bombay).

Tips to prepare a delicious traditional mate

Mate tips | 14/11/2017

Prepare mate is a ritual and a ceremony in Argentina. We share secrets to prepare a memorable mate.

First Mate Fair in Argentina

(ES) Marketing | 08/11/2017

Do you want to have a good mate, or do you prefer a drink or some gastronomy with yerba mate? Maybe you’re interested in a walk through history or know in person the people who make it possible for yerba mate to reach your hands. All this, in one place: MATEAR.

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