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How much employment does the production of yerba in Argentina generate?

We estimate that about 30,000 families are directly and indirectly involved (from planting and harvesting to the point of sale).

Production and processing

How to cure the gourd

como curar mate calabaza , rellenar con yerba mate que usaste, llenar hasta la superficie. Agregar agua hervida, dejar reposar toda la noche. limpiar al dia siguietne el recipiente y respararlo.

repetir el procedimiento durante una semana.
Limpiar bien y a disfrutar de un rico mate!

¿ Cómo?

¿Cuántos tipos de yerba hay?



how do I prepare yerba mate in a gourd?

To enjoy a delicious traditional hot mate, we suggest: how to drink traditional hot mate


Does yerba mate lower choresterol?

The results of a scientific study made in December 2015 by a team of researchers from the University Juan Agustin Maza , Mendoza , Argentina, confirms that drinking yerba mate helps to reduce the levels of  bad cholesterol ( LDL ) and triglycerides.


¿where is yerba mate exported?

The main destination  is Syria. Chile, Lebanon and The United States are also included.  More info: Yerba mate in the world


What types of climates are ideal for its production?

The subtropical climate, humid, with an abundant rainfall regime. It is a plant that grows only in Misiones Province and north eastern Corrientes.

Production and processing

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