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- How is yerba mate produced? -

How is yerba mate produced?

Throughout the production process, from harvesting to packaging, yerba mate only receives heat for drying and time for ageing and milling time. Thus a natural food is obtained with excellent nutritional qualities.


1° Germination

Seedlings are develop with mature seeds and kept in greenhouses  until they grow up to 7 centimeters.


2° Culture

Seedlings remain in nurseries between 9 and 12 months and then are transferred to the field.


3° Harvest

After four years the plant reaches a suitable development for pruning and harvesting.


4° Drying

Green leaves are exposed to direct fire and heat to reduce humidity.


5° Milling and  ageing

A gross milling of the dried leaves is done (canchado in Spanish). Then yerba mate Canchada is stored in bags for ageing the product.  The ageing process and blend will give a particular flavour to the product.


6° Milling

The blend defines yerba mate flavor, aroma and colour of each trade mark.


7° Packaging and die-press

They are packed in containers that maintain the  product quality and INYM stamp is put in each one.

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