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Yerba Mate

- History of yerba mate -

History of yerba mate

yerba-origenesThe origins of yerba mate come from the Guaraní natives, who used its leaves as a drink, cult and currency in their exchanges with other prehistoric cultures.

“Caá” means  weed in Guaraní, but it also means plant and forest. For the Guarani, the yerba mate tree is the tree par excellence, a gift from the gods.

The conquerors learned from the Guarani the use and virtues of yerba mate, and made its consumption extraordinarily disseminated from their area of origin to all the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata.

Later the Jesuits introduced its cultivation in large reductions .They were responsible for yerba mate was known in the civilized world.

The tradition of drinking mate has remained unchanged  since ancient times and for 5 centuries of history, increasingly taking root and spreading to distant places.

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