Benefits of yerba mate

Benefits of yerba mate

Agentinian yerba mate is one of the next big trends on the horizon, and it’s about to become your next superfood obsession. Yerba mate has been enjoyed in Argentina for many centuries for good reason – it’s an energizing, rich source of powerful antioxidants (more than even green tea) and packed with B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, potassium and manganese. Keep reading for more reasons to say yes to yerba mate.

Mindful Morning Energy

Yerba mate can be part of a healthy morning routine similar to the way you would enjoy a quiet cup of coffee. One cup of yerba mate contains 78 mg of caffeine, which falls just a tiny bit lower than the 85 mg that you get from a regular old cuppa joe. So yerba mate just might be what you need if it’s a morning boost you’re looking for, with a mindful morning zen factor of slowing sipping tea.

Reduces Inflammation

It’s rich in powerful antioxidants, and researchers now think it’s particularly good at reducing inflammation. Its antioxidant capacity has been shown to be even higher than green tea. Its nutrient profile boasts B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, potassium and manganese, and its primary compound chlorogenic acid, is a polyphenol that acts as an antioxidant in the body. Because of this composition, it’s found to be more similar to coffee than green tea.

Helps your body detox

Thanks to your liver, your body has its own natural detoxification system, but mate can be of extra help. It has been found to ‘hepatoprotective’ which translates to: ‘protecting your liver cells’, as well having shown potential as a digestive aid.

Protects your heart

Yerba mate can help your heart, too. Mate is capable of vaso relaxation or the dilating of your blood vessels, meaning it increases your body’s healthy circulation. Similar to red wine in this way, it has potential to lower heart disease. Mate has also been able to reduce cellular processes that can otherwise constrict your circulation if not properly balanced. It can also protect your body against tissue damage due to oxidation of cholesterol, which is a known cause of circulatory complications such as atherosclerosis.

Protects your DNA

Liver cells aren’t the only thing yerba mate can protect. Studies also showed that the regular consumption of this beverage could protect your DNA cells, too. Higher than both green tea and red wine, mate had the ability to protect you against around the clock damage done to our cells caused by our environments and lifestyles that could otherwise produce damaged, or even cancerous cells.

Can help with weight loss

It even has some research backing its effectiveness in weight control. Obese men and women consuming mate tea have shown a decrease in their carbon dioxide production, which indicates an increase in fat oxidation, or the use of the body’s fat stores as a source of energy.