iced /cold mate

iced /cold mate

Hot mate cocido

1. Pour hot water (80°C) in a cup.
2. Pop the tea bag inside the cup.
3. Let it brew for a few minutes.
4. Sweeten to taste.

Note: You can add some lemon drops or honey to give it a different taste.

Cold mate cocido

You need about 6 Yerba mate tea bags or 50 gr of processed Yerba Mate.

If you are using processed Yerba Mate:

1. Boil the Yerba Mate in water for a few minutes.
2. Let it cool down.
3. Strain the liquid, and place it in a container.
4. Add ice cubes.
5. Sweeten to taste.

If you are using Yerba Mate tea bags:

1. Put the Yerba Mate tea bags in a container.
2. Boil water
3. Pour the boiling water in the container.
4. Let the beverage cool down.
5. Add ice cubes
6. Sweeten to taste

Note: You can add some mint leaves to decorate and flavour, giving it a fresher taste.

Benefits of mate cocido

Source of vitamins and minerals, it has an energizing effect due to the xantinas, a source of natural energy.

We highly recommend drinking it very cold, sweetened to taste. Fruit juice can also be added.