Iced mate tea (tereré)

Iced mate tea (tereré)

What do we need to prepare Tereré?

In order to prepare a Tereré, you will need a metal or plastic jug or a thermo flask; lots of ice, a glass ( it can be made of glass, plastic or metal), yerba mate and a bombilla. (We strongly advise you not to use the same one that is used for drinking Traditional mate.

Fill your glass around ½ full with yerba mate, put an ice cube, the bombilla and it is ready, just pour the juice or water and enjoy it!

Although the original tereré is prepared by using cold water, many people prefer to make it with artificial juices or squeezed fruits, such as lemons, grapefruits or oranges, or even with sodas.

Another option is to add some herbs like mint or cocú, or orange zest to the water.

What kind of yerba mate can you use to prepare tereré?

In order to prevent the bombilla from clogging, you have to use a coarser grind yerba mate, with less dust, when preparing your tereré.
If we use the traditional yerba mate, it is likely that the combination of cold water and dust will clog the bombilla.

The origin of Tereré

It is said that during the Chaco War (Paraguay against Bolivia, 1932-1935) Paraguayan troops started drinking cold mate in order not to light fires that might expose their location to their enemies.

The drink became famous in Paraguay when the Chaco veteran soldiers introduced it in their everyday life.

The name “te-re-re” is an onomatopoeic word imitating the sound of water as it is sipped. The name refers to the sound of the last three sips from every mate.
It is also said that the name is a deformation of the phrase “te jere” (round of tea) and evokes the moment when the guaraníes used to share this drink in the Jesuit Ruins.