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What is the mate?

What is the mate?

Mate is Argentina nationa infusion, it comes from Yerba mate (Ilex Paraguariensis) is a native tree from the greenforest in South America.

What is the mate?

In Argentina, the mate is the container where the infusion is drunk.
The most commonly used container is the "porongo" or pumpkin mate, which is the fruit of a plant (Lagenaria vulgaris). The word “mate” derives from the Quechua “mati” meaning gourd (Lagenaria vulgaris).

“Lagenaria vulgaris” is the family of native gourds in the yerba mate area. The Guarani people used these gourds not only to drink mate and carry water during their long walks along the paths of the forest, but also to store grains.
Yerba mate leaves are hand harvested. Harvest begins in April or May, and lasts until September. After harvesting, the yerba mate tree regenerates and produces more leaves. (It is an evergreen tree.)

What is the yerba mate?

Yerba mate (Ilex Paraguariensis by its scientific name) is a native tree from the greenforest in South America.
In the wild, this tree reaches a height of between 12 and 16 meters. There are yerba mate plantations up to 100 years old in some Jesuit ruins.
To simplify harvesting, the plants are pruned no more than twice a year to a height of 2 meters on average.

Yerba mate systematic location (data sheet)

Vegetal kingdom.

Division: Spermatophytes.

Subdivision: Angiosperms.

Class: Dicotyledons.

Order: Sapindales.

Family: Aquifoliáceas

Gender: Ilex.

Species: paraguariensis.

Scientific name: Ilex paraguariensis.

Common name: Yerba Mate.