Traditional mate

Traditional mate

Step to enjoy a delicious mate

1) Choose a container (mate) of your choice, pumpkin, glass, wood, metal or other material. Fill it to 3/4 with yerba mate.

2)Cover your mate and shake it for a few seconds. Return it to its normal position, leaving the inclined at approximately 45 ° , so that a cavity is formed in a sector. This will have a mix (leaves, stick and powder) homogeneous.

3)Poor warm water (50°C) in the cavity formed in step 2, to wet the bottom, and let stand for a feww seconds. With this process, we allow yerba mate release all its components gradually during brewing.

4)Insert the bombilla in the wet area and lay it against the the gorud , making sure its firm.

5)Brew the mate wit small quantities of hot water (70-80°C) in the area bombilla area. Try not to wet the upper part of the yerba. Now, you can enjoy delicious mates.