Traditional mate

Traditional mate

To enjoy a tasty and lasting mate, we suggest you the following steps:


Step 1

Choose a mate made of gourd, glass, wood, metal or other material. Fill it 3/4 full with yerba mate.

Step 2

Mix the yerba mate well so as to obtain a homogeneous mix.
Cover the top of the mate with your hand, knock it over and shake it for a few seconds.
Put the mate back to its initial position. Leave the content at an angle of about 45° so that a cavity is formed.

Step 3

Start your mate with warm water.
Pour warm water (50ªC) into the cavity previously formed (step 2) so as to wet the lower part of the content in the mate. Let it rest for a few seconds. By means of this process we make it sure that the yerba mate will gradually release all its components as the mate is being drunk.

Step 4

Introduce the bombilla (metal straw with filtered end) in the area previously wetted and lean it against the mate wall, trying to keep it firm.

Step 5

Pour little hot water in order not to wet the whole yerba mate content.
Pour small amounts of hot water (75-80ªC) where the bombilla is placed. Be careful not to wet the yerba mate on the top of the gourd. By repeating this last step, you will be able to enjoy tasty mates.