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Promotion in Villa Gesell


It's summer time, sun, beach and, of course, also time to enjoy a good mate and try the other ways of consuming the product.
So,  we travel to Villa Gesell to settle in the Popeye beach located in Buenos Aires Province  and accompany vacationers inviting them cold mate cocido (solo and with lemon), hot mate tea and the very typical "tereré" (cold mate, drunk in the northeast of the country ).
Team activities promotion began yesterday and  they are going to continue until next week. As soon  vacationers began to arrive to the beach, the promotional team of Argentine Yerba mate give them  brochures with information about the beneficial properties of yerba mate. When the sun is high up, we offer cold mate "tereré" . In the afternoons sunset is accompanied with a delicious hot mate tea..
If you walk along the Atlantic Coast, do not forget to visit us to share our summer an all year passion ...  mate.


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