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What does it mean to “ensillar” the mate?

Good question! What is “ensillar”? We do it without knowing it has a name.

“Ensillar” means to remove a little amount of the used yerba ( not all of it) and add a bit of new yerba mate.

This is a way to “renew” the mate to enjoy it for longer.

This procedure helps keep the taste for a little longer.

Five tips:

• Pay attention to the water temperature. We recommend you heat the water to 75º/80º. When it comes to drinking the mate it has been scientifically proved that a temperature between 37º to 55º is a safe one for your health ( World Health Organisation -WHO)

• Avoid wetting all the yerba mate

• Never stop pouring water

• Do not move the bombilla. It is recommended to move it as little as possible once the mate is started. Why? Because it can get clogged and also, by moving the bombilla, the dry yerba that provides flavour to the mates gets wet faster and the mate will "yield" less.

• Use a mate with a wide mouth.

We hope you liked the information! We wish you can enjoy your mates even more with these tips!
Good mates!!


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