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07/04/20 Salud

World Health Day: mate is good for you

Mate is also doing its bit in this common cause, in this solidarity effort we are making

Did you know that mate has a lot of properties that are good for our bodies?

Yes! Many scientific studies have concluded that taking Yerba Mate regularly contributes to a proper functioning of our immune system due to its antioxidant components.

This is why we kindly invite you to continue taking mate. Now we all know how beneficial it can be for us. Besides all the health benefits we can get out of drinking mate, it is also a source of well being as when we drink it, a comfortable and harmonious environment is created, either in person or virtually.

Let’s remember to give and do our best, to be supportive and do what we must as a society.

Stay at home and drink mate with your own mate kit.

As people are doing their best, the mate is also doing its bit in this situation.

#QuedateEnCasa #BeneficiosDelMate


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