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04/08/20 Salud

Mate is not itself an infection source. You cannot get ill if you drink mate. It is our responsibility to stay healthy.

Drinking mate is a healthy habit, but in this pandemic context, the best way to take care of yourself is to take certain precautions.

"The virus travels with us. In fact, it could not live or reproduce without us. So, it is our irresponsible attitudes, with a greater or lesser degree of awareness and knowledge , that modify the spread curves. In fact, this is not only limited to mate, it also happens with any element or utensil we use, from a fork, a pencil, a tool, a door handle: if we do not take the necessary precautions, we encourage the spread of the virus", says PhD Ana Thea, Biochemist and Research Professor at Universidad Nacional de Misiones, who also tells us that yerba mate has excellent properties and benefits as food, but gives us a healthy recommendation when enjoying mate.

"To take care of yourself and prevent COVID-19, there is nothing better than frequent hand washing, taking care of personal hygiene, following the rules, protocols and recommendations of the authorities to enjoy a good mate, of course, each one with his or her own mate kit.”

Mate, the ideal partner

The quarantine, a COVID-19 prevention measure, has changed our habits: we are living new ways of learning, working and having fun.

Can we still consider mate as the ideal partner within this context?

If we analyse it from a technical and nutritional point of view, mate is a powerful antioxidant, a source of vitamins, minerals and also an ally in the prevention of certain diseases such as type II diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and high bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

Infusions prepared with Yerba Mate, mainly the traditional mate, have a great antioxidant power due to their high concentration of polyphenols, which improve the body's natural defences and protect it from oxidative damage.

Mate contains 60% more antioxidants than green tea, to give an example that compares our national infusion with the oriental infusion, known worldwide as the beverage of eternal youth.

It is very well known that eating a balanced diet with a high consumption of fruit and vegetables, avoiding excessive consumption of table salt, taking care in the intake of alcoholic beverages and giving up smoking contribute significantly to our organism and its well-being. It is also known that drinking mate is a healthy habit.

The intake of infusions prepared with Yerba Mate, having antioxidant properties, reduces people's vulnerability to disease. Obviously, this healthy habit should be combined with regular physical exercise and good rest.

All these things help to keep the immune system strong and ready for the various hazards that may affect it. Keeping our immune system awake and alert is vitally important to fight off transmissible diseases.

When we take a more emotional look at it, more than a crucial aspect these days, we see that mate also has its fair share of ideal partner.

As part of the actions taken during pandemic times, the National Institute of Yerba Mate organized an awareness campaign related to the security measures to be adopted as regards mate intake. In the midst of this course of action, some exploratory studies were carried out by the Institute. They aim at understanding, among other variables, the relationship that Argentine people have with mate.

"The results are surprising, but they are within what we could have expected, because we know how special mate is for each of us," says Carlos Coppoli, Deputy Marketing Manager of the yerba mate Organisation.

"We are still processing the data, but we have already seen some outstanding results, such as that people have adopted the recommendations for cleanliness and use of mate utensils to a very good extent. Another outstanding fact is that more than 95% of people agree, or more than agree, that mate helps them to get through quarantine better. There is also data on how consumption and habits have changed or will change in the post-pandemic period, but the final report has yet to be completed," says the Organization member.

So, is drinking mate good for you?

Yes, drinking mate is a healthy habit, but in this pandemic context, the best way to take care of yourself is to take certain precautions:

● Do not share your mate.
● Sanitize the utensils you use to drink mate.
● Wash your hands frequently
● Keep a proper personal hygiene
● Follow sanitary protocols.

Only each and every one of us can, through our attitude and responsibility, prevent the risk of COVID-19 infection.


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