Recetas para el mate

Mate news

Each of the following drinks, also contain mate

Do you like drinking mate? Or are you not so fanatic? No problem, there's a mate for everyone!

We share different ways to prepare mate, apart from the traditional one.

Quarantine time is a great opportunity for Yerba Mate intake. You can benefit from its health benefits while sharing something new and delicious.

Can you imagine preparing Mate infusion in a coffee maker or French Press? Making a Caipirinha or Frozen with Mate?

Yes! All these drinks also contain mate. There are endless options!

Mate infusion in a French press

 We invite you to create and try other recipes with yerba mate.

1. Yerba mate infusion
2. Mate blend with species or citrus
3. Caipi mate
4. Berries cocktail and mate
5. Tereré
6. Tropical frozen and mate

Did you imagine there were so many options?

Which one will you choose? Share your option with us.


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