Recetas para el mate

Mate news

Summer is coming. Do you dare to tempt yourself with a mate?

Meetings and celebrations are slowly being allowed again, and the mate is still there, accompanying and connecting us. Nowadays, everyone has to drink their own mate, though.

Have you ever tried a smoothie made with mate?

Did you know that you can make countless pastry recipes using yerba mate as an ingredient, as well as drinks and cocktails?

It is amazing the amount of delicious options that can be prepared using a 100% natural product. It offers great nutritional properties and can be easily added to your favorite recipes. What’s more, it is highly yielder. You will be surprised by the number of things that can be done with a pack of yerba mate.

We invite you to browse our website and social media to discover the many things that can be prepared using yerba mate and to learn about the different options available to be included in your daily life and diet.

Follow us! We have lots of surprises and ideas to innovate and show off

You will be surprised to discover that what you have traditionally eaten or drunk, may also include mate, if you dare to be creative.


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