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Yerba mate smoothies for summer time

When we want to have a healthy life, we look for the best way to incorporate foods that keep us healthy, giving us energy. Above all, we want them to be tasty.

Fruits are healthy, and Yerba Mate has many beneficial health properties.

Can you imagine a preparation combining both ingredients?

Although it is better to eat whole fruits, so as to benefit from their nutrients and fibers in a better way and with higher quality, there are some fruits that keep these properties better than others, even when we blend them. For example, peaches, apart from being low in saturated fat and cholesterol, contain a great variety of vitamins, minerals, and they are also a source of antioxidants.

Strawberries are also privileged allies of health, contributing to a feeling of fullness thanks to their fiber content (2.6 g per 100 g). Thus, favouring the elimination of liquids, due to their high water content.

They provide minerals such as calcium, potassium, iodine, silicon, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin C, A (carotenes) and E (antioxidants), B1, B2, B3 and B6, K vitamins as well.

The Mate also provides a large amount of nutrients, such as potassium, magnesium, and B complex vitamins. Apart from that, it is one of the foods with the greatest antioxidant power.

Its regular consumption helps to keep our defenses high and the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Smoothies and shakes are ideal to incorporate fruits into our diet in an easy, tasty and refreshing way.
It is essential to make them with fresh and seasonal fruits.

TIP: Do you dare to prepare the Yerba Mate infusion in a new way?

We suggest you to prepare it cold. It is very easy. You only need 20 grams of yerba mate and 750 cc of water. Put everything in a jar or bottle, and leave it in the fridge for 6 to 8 hours. Then you have to strain it, and it is ready to drink or to be used in your recipes.


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