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02/04/19 Mate tips


With stick, without stick, compound, organic, for tereré, barbacuá and flavoured. Keys to choose the best yerba for your mates.

The mate I like the most

When we drink a mate, the storage time and the proportions of leaf, stick and powder (the blend) will influence the taste, intensity and duration of the mate.
Each Yerba Mate brand determines the storage time for its product and elaborates its own blend; that is to say, that the time and the proportions of leaf, stick and powder will vary.

Yerba mate with stick

If we want to enjoy a soft mate, the traditional Yerba Mate is a good option. It has an average of 70% dried and crushed leaves and 30% stick.
It is important to remember that, according to the Argentinean Food Code, it has to have at least 65% dried, broken or pulverised leaves and no more than 35% stick.

Yerba mate without stick or despalada

For those who like a stronger, longer lasting and intensely flavoured mate, the option is to use Yerba Mate without sticks.
The Argentinean Food Code states that yerba mate without stick must have no less than 90% of dried, broken or pulverised leaves and no more than 10% of stick.

Mixed yerba mate

It contains herbs such as boldo, linden, camomile, pennyroyal (among others).
In addition to the antioxidant and energising properties of Yerba Mate, there are also the properties of natural herbs.
Some can be taken after a meal, as many of these herbs are digestive. Others produce a comforting, soothing and relaxing and provide a sensation of well-being.
The Argentinean Food Code states that each packet must contain up to 40% of aromatic herbs, the remaining 60% must contain yerba mate.

Flavoured yerba mate

For those who prefer to change flavours and do not like bitter and intense mates, a wide variety of yerba mate made with natural essences and flavours ranging from citrus (grapefruit, lemon, orange) to exotic ones such as berries and tropical fruits can be found on the shelves.

Yerba mate for the tereré

For its preparation, yerba mate is used with a coarser grind.
Tereré is a typical drink of Paraguay and the Argentinean coast. It is drunk with cold water or natural juices.
It has a lower dust content, which prevents the bombilla from clogging.
If we use traditional yerba mate, it is likely that the combination of cold water with the powder will clog the bombilla. Therefore, it is advisable to use this yerba, which has a coarser grind and less dust.

Barbacuá yerba mate

It is the yerba mate subjected to a drying process used by the Guarani people. Barbacuá means "toasting" in the Guaraní language.
It consists of a slow and artisanal process, in which the leaves are exposed to the heat of a wood fire for a whole day.
This process gives the Yerba Mate a slight smoky or toasted flavour due to the wood used during the drying of the leaves.

Organic yerba mate

Environmental care is taken into account in its production. From sowing to harvesting, the use of agrochemicals is avoided.
There are various national and international bodies that certify both the production process and the use of recyclable materials in containers and packaging.
In Argentina, the Ministry of Agroindustry awards the "Organic" seal to products that minimise the use of non-renewable resources and do not use synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, thus protecting the environment and human health.


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  • Clara Mandarini
    Porqué no se elabora más la yerba de bajo contenido de mateina? Yo tuve que privarme de las mateadas porque la yerba común me quita el sueño
    02/04/19 16:11
  • Mundo Set Matero
    Que buen articulo! Nos complace mucho leer sus post.. pensamos tambien nombrar este post en uno de nuestros articulos del blog de nuestra organizacion. Un saludo de parte de la familia Mundo Set Matero
    02/04/19 16:10
  • stephen chime
    Gracias por ese publicacion. la verdad me encantó. Soy Argentino naturalizado, origen de Nigeria. Actualmente me desempeño en los EE.UU, me gustaria saber que tipo de mate es bueno para una persona para bajar peso, ayudar para mantener buen estado saludable. Muchas Gracias!
    02/04/19 16:08
    Yerba Mate Argentina
    Muchas gracias por escribirnos, Stephen. Compartimos esta nota que explica cómo el mate ayuda a bajar de peso:
    02/04/19 16:08
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