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14/05/18 Mate tips

Five tips to keep your mates from washing out and to make yerba mate last longer

“Cebar” mate is an art and achieving mates that keep their flavour is a challenge. Here are some tips so that the yerba mate doesn't wash out so quickly and the packet lasts longer.

1. Pay attention to the water temperature

Begin with warm water and then gradually increase the temperature until you reach about 75 Cº.
If the water is too hot or boiled, the mates will be very bitter and tasteless, the yerba "burns". The softer the water is, the hotter it is the more it can be heated, and if it is hard, it should be warmer to be used.

A washed mate is a mate without flavour, and when this happens.... It is time to change all the yerba mate.

2. Avoid getting all the yerba mate wet

Always pour the water near the bombilla and take care to pour little water. The "little mountain" of dry yerba that we leave when we mix the yerba is what will make the mate´s flavour last.

3. Never stop pouring hot water

If we stop pouring hot water, the yerba cools down and loses its flavour faster. The round should flow and the mate should circulate.

We also notice that the mate is washed when all the yerba is wet.

4. Do not move the bombilla

It is recommended to move the bombilla as little as possible once the mate is started. Why? Because it can get clogged and also, by moving the bombilla, the dry yerba gets wet faster and the mate will "yield" less.

In Argentina, inviting a mate is a sign of affection and esteem.

5. Use a mate with a wide mouth

This kind of mate is better because the surface occupied by the dry yerba is larger. Therefore, you gradually wet the yerba in each “cebada”. The aim is to make your mates more flavourful and unforgettable from the first to the last one.


  • Cristian
    Un mate de boca chica, tipo poroguito pera mantiene mejor la temperatura (se enfria menos) y por lo tanto dura mas la cebadura. La yerba mojada dura mas tiempo por lo que a igual catidad de yerba los mates boca chica serian mas rendidores.
    14/05/18 17:12
  • Ana
    Como en Uruguay! Yo soy argentina pero vivo aquí. Aquí aprendí a tomar mate con agua hirviendo y yerba sin palo/casi en polvo -+ montañita en el mate-.
    Y siempre AMARGO, claramente!
    son las fórmulas infranqueables para que el mate no se lave nunca y mantenga el sabor.
    Abrazos argentocharrúas!
    14/05/18 17:11
    Yerba Mate Argentina
    Hola Analía! Gracias por tu mensaje, un fuerte abrazo a los amigos uruguayos.
    14/05/18 17:11
  • Alicia Insua
    ¡cuanto me alegra que hayan decidido enseñar a cebar mate !!! En el interior consideran saber cebar mate si usan el agua HIRVIENDO
    14/05/18 17:10
  • ignacioperez
    La mejor yerba mate con palo y sus características
    14/05/18 17:08
  • Yngnacyo
    el mate no debe tener nacionalidad ni origen es casi un patrimonio en mi caso cebo los mates de dos escuelas o mundos el agua la caliento a 80° costumbre argentina formo la a la usanza uruguaya quien mas lo hace gracias
    14/05/18 17:06
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