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27/11/18 Mate tips


The best bombilla for the mate is the one that lasts the longest, clogs the least and is the easiest to clean.

If we are willing to invest, we recommend bombillas made of noble materials such as alpaca, surgical steel or silver. They are more resistant, withstand daily and intensive use and do not transmit strange flavours.

Investment: bombillas made of noble materials last longer.

Nickel silver or surgical steel bombillas are highly recommended. It is important that the bombilla is of good quality so that it insulates the heat effectively and you avoid ingesting particles of the material.

In terms of functionality

Curved bombillas are more comfortable when it's time to drink some delicious mates. Those with an "almond" shape at the base adapt well to the shape of the mate and the spring-loaded ones facilitate the flow of water.

Curved bombillas make it easier to drink mate.


As far as cleaning is concerned, the removable ones are easier to clean and practical when cleaning them because they can be disassembled.
But it is important that the material is good, because they can rust and become clogged as time passes by.

How to clean the bombilla for the mate?

• Wash the bombilla after each use.
• Once a month, do a deep cleaning of the bombilla: Submerge it in boiling water for 25 minutes with two tablespoons of baking soda.
• Remove the bombillas and leave them on a clean cloth until they dry by themselves.
• Then scrub them with a brush and remove the remains of the yerba mate.
• In case there is some sediment left, there are bristle brushes that can be bought in hardware stores or bazaars.

How to prevent the bombilla from clogging?

When preparing the mate, it is essential to mix the yerba well: cover the mate with your hand and shake it vigorously to achieve a homogeneous mixture (not to remove the powder), but to ensure that all the components (stick, powder and leaves) are well mixed. If the mixture is not shaken well, the bombilla is more likely to clog.

It is not advisable to use filters on the bombilla or to shake the powder out.

Mixing the yerba from the package

We recommend opening the package and emptying it halfway into a container with an airtight lid. Close it and shake it vigorously and then do the same with the remaining half (inside the packet).
Once both parts are mixed, keep all the yerba inside the airtight container (it can be tin or plastic).

How to unclog a bombilla?

We suggest once a month, to submerge the bombilla in boiling water for 30 minutes with two tablespoons of baking soda. Afterwards, clean the bombilla with a brush to make sure that there is no residue.
If the bombilla is detachable, brush each element well and blow to check that it has been uncovered.

The first bombilla

We can say that the Guarani people were the first to drink mate, sipping the infusion from a "tacuapí" (hollow reed in their language).
Later the conquerors renamed these canes as "bomba" and later, bombilla.
Their design has changed over time to make them more beautiful, more comfortable and also to avoid burns.


  • Antonieta
    Donde encontrar en Barcelona bombilla para mate acero quirúrgico,muy agradecida
    27/11/18 17:20
  • Claudio que no claudica
    Hola! Está muy buena la nota. Llegué de casualidad buscando información sobre acero quirurgico porque vendo mates y bombillas de ése material. Con respecto a los guaranies, tenía entendido que al principio tomaban el mate sin bombilla y filtraban la yerba con los dientes. Además, que en la época de la colonia española, la iglesia católica, prohibió la ingesta de ésta infusión porque consideraba que era una droga, pese a su difusión entre el pueblo. Pero se puede observar que en los últimos tiempos, debido a que el Papa Francisco llevó el mate al Vaticano, ésa infusión ahora entró en la categoría de libación permitida. Je Je!
    27/11/18 17:18
  • Maricel
    Hola! Soy una gran tomadora de mate!
    Quisiera saber que bombilla es menos tóxica? Gracias
    27/11/18 17:17
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