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Yerba mate launch in India

New markets | 21/11/2017

The National Institution of Yerba Mate, together with yerba mate companies, presented Yerba Mate Argentina in two cities of India: its capital New Delhi and in the city of Mumbai (Bombay).

Presentation at the Argentine Embassy

The first day was held on Monday, the 13th, at the residence of the Argentine Ambassador in the capital of the Asian country, to which were invited guests from the world of infusions, specialized and public press related to gastronomy; all of them eager to know the characteristics and properties of yerba mate.

The exhibitions and talks were given by the Economic and Commercial Area of ​​the Argentine Embassy in India, the former Ambassador of India in Argentina, the consultant Anish Narang (he did a work on the possibilities of yerba mate in his country), a local cheff specialized in infusions and the Marketing and Communication Assistant Manager of INYM, Carlos Coppoli. “It was the closure in this city of a mission we shared with companies that are having business meetings to work on the penetration of yerba mate argentina in India,” said Coppoli, referring to the directors of the Hreñuk SA, La Cachuera establishments. SA, Pindó SA and the Cooperativa de Productores de Yerba Mate Santo Pipó.

The activities continued on Tuesday, in the city of Mumbai (also known as Bombay, although its residents prefer the old name) where business rounds were also held and a similar event at the Argentine Consulate.

“We had a lot of expectations with this trip, which we had been working with in advance with market studies and previous analyzes. This is the first more concrete act of approaching the Indian market and the two cities left us more than satisfied. We are excited about what is coming and affirming our decision to advance in this market with the plans we have; We are happy and very grateful, “said Silvio Leguía, of the Cooperativa de Productores de Yerba Mate de Santo Pipó.

Market research 

The decision to direct this yerba mate mission to India was not hazardous; On the contrary, it responded to previous studies conducted by the INYM that had revealed an encouraging horizon for Argentine yerba mate in that country. “India is a market that grows a lot in several aspects, especially in food and beverages, and particularly in the gourmet sector. That is why I consider it strategic that companies are here with INYM because this is a new market, but with a lot of potential, “explained the deputy consul in Mumbai, Gabriel Rosas, at the close of the events held in that city.

At the end of last year the consultant “Karavan Advisory Enterprises” had presented an exploratory work of the Indian market commissioned by the INYM. This report recorded the possibilities of yerba mate in India, a country with 1,250 million inhabitants and in which infusions (especially tea) are part of their daily consumption habits.
To arrive at such conclusions, the consultant developed a work of sensory analysis under the methodology of “focus group”, whose members were given to try different infusions containing yerba mate, but without warning them of the presence of the product. The report highlighted in all situations the responses were positive.

The aforementioned study was made available to all Yerba mate companies interested in evaluating the possibility of entering the Indian market. Several of them already picked up the glove and accompanied by INYM began to face the challenge of expanding the horizon of yerba mate Argentina in this new market. As pointed out by Gerardo Koropeski, from Hreñuk SA, it is about getting consumers to understand the virtues of our Yerba Mate Argentina. “We are opening a new market, in which we envision a very important future; We believe that the product will be in a short time in the Indian market, “he said optimist.

This positive view is accompanied by the Board of INYM, which understands that yerba mate has very specific possibilities in new destinations, such as the case of India. “We are accompanying the companies in a potential market for yerba mate, we have the best expectations and we will continue working in that direction”, concluded the director of the INYM, Sandro Sosa

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