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First Mate Fair in Argentina

(ES) Marketing | 08/11/2017

First Mate Fair in Argentina

Do you want to have a good mate, or do you prefer a drink or some gastronomy with our best product? Maybe you’re interested in a walk through history or know in person the people who make it possible for yerba mate to reach your hands. All this, in one place: MATEAR. And on a date and place available to everyone: December 2 and 3 in La Rural, city of Buenos Aires, with free admission.

MATEAR is the first fair of yerba mate and its derivative products, organized by the National Institute of Yerba Mate and with the participation of companies, cooperatives and producers not only of the infusion but also of food and accessories that accompany a good mate. It will be a space for tasting, marketing, socializing and disseminating and multiplying the culture of the region; a space of communion with our identity.

Two days to enjoy and share

Thus, during the two days (Saturday 2 and Sunday 3, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.) in the Ocre Hall of La Rural, visitors can taste from the traditional mate with the most varied brands of yerba, discover new ways of consuming the products , consume cocktails and singular cuisine. There are more than 30 exhibitors who are already working to offer the best of their services, with an emphasis on mate as the identity of all Argentines.

The National Mate Day is celebrated in Matear

MATEAR is much more than the first exposure of the traditional product. It is the best way we can find to remember the National Day of Mate, which is celebrated (since 2015) every 30th of November in commemoration of the birth of Andrés Guacarí and Artigas, former general commander of the northeastern province of Misiones (1811-1821) , who defended these lands from the Portuguese-Brazilian invasions and encouraged the production and distribution of yerba mate.

Because our identity is in the Mate, we decided to massively spread the invitation to this party.

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