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Environmentally Friendly Organic Yerba Mate

New markets | 23/05/2017

The organic yerba mate is by a system of certification and control that begins in the cultivation and culminates in the packaging and the distribution of the product. Throughout the process, from the plant to the markets shelves , the common denominator is the care and conservation of natural resources and the environment.

What is the name of organic product?

Organic Production in Argentina is covered by Law 25,127, which includes a system of certification and control.
It is a sustainable production system that promotes environmental care, through the strengthening of biodiversity and the biotic activity of the soil.

It is based on minimal use of external inputs, without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, or genetic manipulation. Methods are used to minimize contamination of air, soil and water.

The process of elaboration:

For its elaboration, organic yerba mate follows the principles of sustainable agriculture to achieve soil conservation and fertility in the long term and for future generations.

National and International Certificates:

It is important to look at the packages that certify that the herb we buy is organic.

Different national and international organizations certify both the processing process and the use of recyclable materials in packaging and packaging.

In Europe the hexagonal label BIO supports the supervised product and if it complies with the legislation on ecological agriculture of the European Union.

In Argentina, the Ministry of Agroindustry grants the label “Organic Argentina” to products that minimize the use of non-renewable resources and do not use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, thus protecting the environment and human health.


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